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Cahill (sounds like K-hill) is an advisor, investor, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of Byte Media Group, a strategic marketing agency focused on helping blockchain & tech companies with branding, marketing & PR.

He has worked with venture and angel backed startups, ICO’s, blockchain companies, and Fortune 500 companies alike. With entrepreneurial experience coming from launching his own temporary staffing agency, eCommerce companies (that have been featured on Tim Ferriss’ site), launching Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and more – he brings interesting insight and experience to the podcast.

His insights and reports have been published in dozens of media outlets: News BTC, Coin Journal, Startup Nation, Huffington Post, Toronto Star and National Post to name a few.

Having interviewed dozens of guests on his new podcast – The Know Your ICO Show – he aims to help give potential investors additional insight into the ICO’s they’re considering investing in, and showcase the wide range of projects on the market.

Having invested in and working with ICO’s in the space, I understand the need for full transparency. I will always disclose IF I’m invested in, working with, or am an advisor to any ICO before they’re on the podcast.

Please be aware that there are a more than a few less-than-honorable ICO’s out there. My profile has already been stolen and used as an “advisor” before. If it’s not listed here on , on, or on my Linkedin – I’m not an advisor.

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Blockchain technology is growing at exponential levels. While many blockchains are being developed, many DApps being explored, there are still many challenges that the industry is looking to overcome. One of the main challenges is real world use on a massive scale. And while Bitcoin and other crypto’s aim to be “digital […]

If you’ve never personally taken a look at operating a Bitcoin mining, or alt-coin mining setup it’s probably for good reason. Both can be difficult. Alt-coin mining especially. As a quick side note, I run my own rigs and have had to spend countless hours solving integration problems, fixing failed GPUs, dealing with electricity challenges […]

Integrated mobility > Ride Sharing > Transportation. If we take a step back for a quick second we can see that the transportation industry hasn’t really had much innovation (from a technical or operational perspective) until the last decade or so. Sure, cars, planes and trains have become more efficient – but there have not […]

Into derivatives trading? Want to long and short the market on a new emerging platform? Yesbit is an emerging decentralized derivative trading platform that aims to let you short/long Forex, Equities and Commodities from around the world. One of the key features that seems interesting is their interest in leveraging multiple data sources for a […]

It’s often been said that it’s easy to make money when the entire cryptocurrency industry is going up. But what about when the market takes a turn. When you’re in a bear market. In the cryptocurrency bear market at the moment – just about everyone is wondering, what’s the bottom and when should I get […]

ICO Alerts. If you’ve ever touched, researched, or thought about getting into the wonderful world of ICO’s you’ve probably encountered this site. They’ve been keeping track of a huge number of ICO’s for quite a long time, and are generally known as the top list for upcoming and existing ICO’s in the space. In this […]

Sports betting. It’s a multi-billion dollar global industry that is, unfortunately still shrouded in a bit of grey zone. If you’ve seen, heard or read about gambling on the Know Your ICO Show (yes, we’ve got an interview on this topic) you’ll know that gambling is a massive industry. Sports betting is part of gambling […]

Blogs. Digital Ads. Facebook Campaigns. Your favorite magazine. Photographers often make the content come alive – they convey the emotion and images behind great stories. The challenge is, when large Fortune 500 companies steal, use, and make hundred’s of thousands of dollars from marketing campaigns – but don’t pay a $200 photo fee – it […]

At over $110-Billion dollars – the mobile video game industry represents a very large and profitable market. Add to this insanely high engagement rates and a complete absorption of your attention for the duration of play – and you have an environment that many businesses would kill for. While Apple crosses the trillion-dollar mark, there […]

Here’s a different perspective on the shipping and logistics industry. Shipping and logistics is a hard and antiquated business. Paper, physical document transfers via courier, photocopies, phone calls. From what a number of people in the industry have said, the industry just moved towards email in the last few years. Needless to say it’s a […]










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