Metalyfe – Blockchain Browser and Data Protection

Metalyfe – Blockchain Browser and Data Protection

What happens when your data becomes the most valuable asset you own – but also becomes the resource that companies constantly exploit – for free?

You get a position where you realize “wait a minute, maybe it’s better for me to own and protect my data, rather than give it away for free”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, a rock with great wifi and access to this podcast because you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably heard about the constant stream of data breaches and data vulnerabilities that companies have been exploiting.

  • Cambridge Analytica
  • Facebook
  • Google

And the list goes on.

What then are you to do to protect and monetize your data?

Metalyfe aims to help you figure that out – with their new blockchain based browser and token.

In this interview with sit down with Sameer Pirani of Metalyfe to discuss:

  • Why data breaches have led to this
  • How they’ve shifted 3-years of development into a better browser
  • What pivots and failures led to a stronger product today
  • Building a strong team and prototype
  • and much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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