Cahill Puil is the founder of Byte Media Group, a Strategic Marketing Consultancy that helps blockchain, technology & commerce companies with branding, marketing & PR.

He has worked with venture and angel backed startups, ICO’s, blockchain companies, and Fortune 500 companies alike. With entrepreneurial experience coming from launching his own temporary staffing agency, eCommerce companies (that have been featured on Tim Ferriss’ website), Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and more – he brings interesting insight and experience to the podcast.

His articles, reports, and insights have been published in dozens of media outlets. News BTC, Coin Journal, Startup Nation, Huffington Post, Toronto Star and National Post are just a few.

Having interviewed dozens of guests on his new podcast – The Know Your ICO Show – he aims to help give potential investors additional insight into the ICO’s they’re considering investing in, and give upcoming ICO’s insights into the wide range of projects on the market.

Having invested in and working with ICO’s in the space, I understand the need for full transparency. I will always disclose IF I’m invested in, working with, or am an advisor to any ICO before they’re on the podcast.

Please be aware that there are a few less-than-honorable ICO’s out there. My profile has already been stolen and used as an “advisor” before. If it’s not listed here on knowyourico.show , or not listed on ByteMeidaGroup.com – I’m not an advisor.