Bumo – a blockchain ecosystem with Greg Boutin

Bumo – a blockchain ecosystem with Greg Boutin

Bumo is a blockchain ecosystem that aims to solve integration and blockchain use for corporations. Find out how they plan to do this with Greg Boutin from Bumo.

When it comes to blockchain integration and “real world applications” many companies, brands and people look at the fact that there isn’t a “killer app out there yet”. It’s a challenge that the industry as a whole is looking to overcome, but one that will likely happen gradually at first, and then pick up more and more speed as things start to “work”.

One of the people helping push that narrative forward is Greg Boutin from Bumo. Bumo is helping corporations leverage the blockchain so that they can build, integrate and use the blockchain to advance their business.

The ecosystem they speak of contains things like:

  • a wallet
  • a blockchain
  • consensus protocols
  • protocols

and lots more on the technical side.

It seems to be a great way to integrate blockchain into existing systems, and upgrade systems in components or pieces, rather than having to jump head-first into blockchain.

In this quick episode (26min) we talk to Greg from Bumo about:

  • What is Bumo really?
  • Why focus on enterprise integration?
  • Why the insurance industry is a great starting point for blockchain integration components?
  • How focusing in on specific claims and verticals is helping accelerate adoption – VS – trying to do everything
  • The search for the “right application on blockchain” and where Bumo is taking things
  • and much much more….

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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