Pinmo – Quick Chat, Advertising Direct to Consumers

Pinmo – Quick Chat, Advertising Direct to Consumers

The rise of social. The importance of the attention economy. The rise of ad-blockers, often built into the very browsers you use. Blockchain of course – aims to change all of this.

User data is at the heart of many conversations right now. Facebook as an example, knows that your user data is very very valuable. You just have no way to monetize it yet – as you can’t store, keep, or leverage your data and sell it to the same parties that Facebook does.

Pinmo aims to make this connection available. In this quick chat we talk about:

  • the value proposition behind Pinmo
  • why connecting with advertisers directly may be profitable for you
  • how to leverage data
  • the future of advertising and marketing
  • leveraging AI to help connect advertisers and consumers togther
  • and a few more topics…

Hope you enjoy this quick catch-up with Pinmo’s Hao Xu.

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