VIS Chain – Auto Insurance via Blockchain

VIS Chain – Auto Insurance via Blockchain

Auto insurance. Claims date. Structured and non-structured data.

If you’ve ever been in a car you know (or hope) that it’s insured. Most of the time we don’t think much further than that – but VIS Chain has identified a host of problems that can be solved with the blockchain.

In the event of an accident insurance companies are required to assess damage and pay-out money based on the damage of the accident. This, is something we all know.

But how they assess the damage, the claims and fraud that can occur on both sides, the time to payment, and the process – is something we have little transparency into. VIS Chain aims to change all of that – by connecting dash cams, photography, data and more, on the blockchain.

In this quick interview we catch up with Alvin Zhao, CEO of VIS Chain to learn more about:

  • VIS Chain as a whole
  • Why the Chinese Auto Industry craves this type of solution
  • The technology behind their solution
  • And more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Selected Links from the Episode

VIS Chain Website

VIS Chain Twitter



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