FA Enterprises – With Fast Access Blockchain

FA Enterprises – With Fast Access Blockchain

This is a quick chat with the CEO from FA Enterprises.

FA Enterprises is working on the Fast Access Blockchain. They’re taking their own spin on the blockchain scalability problem – a challenge that many new (and old) blockchains are doing.

Ethereum is also working on this problem by the way – taking their own spin on it and looking to improve the transactions per second.

Fast Access Blockchain is approaching things in a different way – looking to re-vamp the architecture.

In this interview I sit down with Mohammed CEO of FA Enterprises to just scratch the surface of what they’re trying to do.

Here we quickly cover:

  • The scalability issue – and how they’re trying to solve it
  • Where they are in their project development
  • Their perspective on why Ethereum is not doing things in the right way
  • and a bit more…

Hope you enjoy the interview! A longer one to come later!



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