Love Only ICO – Blockchain and the Diamond Industry

Love Only ICO – Blockchain and the Diamond Industry

It’s an industry that we’ve heard about, and that have become popularized via movies like “Blood Diamond”. And while the diamond industry is a thriving industry, heavily associated with a clever marketing campaign about a “diamond being forever” – the industry lacks transparency. Transparency that the blockchain may be able to deliver.

For example – where is your diamond actually from? How much is it actually worth? Sure, you may be familiar with cut, clarity, etc. – but how does this really impact the end price that you pay?

Love Only aims to solve that problem – helping you gain clarity into the industry, and helping you easily purchase in the 3rd party marketplace.

In this interview we sit down with Sunny Jiang to discuss:

  • why the diamond industry needs transparency
  • their partners – and why they’ve chosen Everledger as a partner
  • where this idea has come from
  • how they plan on driving user growth and revenue
  • and much much more….

This is a full 25min interview.

Hope you enjoy!


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