Yesbit, Linkcoin – with CEO Blues Qin

Yesbit, Linkcoin – with CEO Blues Qin

Into derivatives trading? Want to long and short the market on a new emerging platform?

Yesbit is an emerging decentralized derivative trading platform that aims to let you short/long Forex, Equities and Commodities from around the world.

One of the key features that seems interesting is their interest in leveraging multiple data sources for a consensus – think Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Reuters, NYSE, etc. – to determine which price point is best.

In this 12-15min interview I sit down with Yesbit’s CEO Blues Qin to scratch the surface. We discuss:

  • Why he started Yesbit in Waterloo Canada
  • What some of his lessons learned were from launching this blockchain company
  • Where Yesbit and Linkcoin is planning to go in the future
  • The future of ICO’s, and why whitepaper ICO’s are a thing of the past
  • and more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!

PS. We’re aiming to get Blues back on the podcast for a much longer and more in-depth conversation.


Selected Links from the Episode

Yesbit Facebook

Yesbit LinkedIN


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