Velocia – Uberizing Transportation

Velocia – Uberizing Transportation

Integrated mobility > Ride Sharing > Transportation.

If we take a step back for a quick second we can see that the transportation industry hasn’t really had much innovation (from a technical or operational perspective) until the last decade or so.

Sure, cars, planes and trains have become more efficient – but there have not been main innovations in terms of development until Tesla, Hyperloop, Uber, Bixi Bikes and the like came along.

Now we’re seeing an explosion in growth of business models and technical advancements that put the entire industry in a fantastic position for rapid development. This also just happens to create multi-billion dollar companies, open transportation booms, and at the same time forces legacy companies to start advancing.

Velocia is aiming to pull or lead the bandwagon – by providing a decentralized, Aion based software for the industry.

In this episode I sit down with Greg Boutin – COO of Velocia to cover:

  • What stage the project is currently in
  • Where they’re going – and why they believe they’ll change the industry
  • Their massive and growing partnerships
  • The different groups who are looking to use their services
  • and much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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