Inbetweenisode with ICO Alerts

Inbetweenisode with ICO Alerts

ICO Alerts. If you’ve ever touched, researched, or thought about getting into the wonderful world of ICO’s you’ve probably encountered this site.

They’ve been keeping track of a huge number of ICO’s for quite a long time, and are generally known as the top list for upcoming and existing ICO’s in the space.

In this episode we do a really impromptu episode where Evan from ICO Alerts and I go back and fourth asking each other questions.

It was recorded a few weeks ago at a conference, and we had been joking around about a number of topics, so it’s quite casual and a bit silly – but there are some interesting points that we both cover.

It’s a quick one, so if you have 8-minutes and want to hear the Inbetweenisode do jump in.


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