Image Protect ICO – Helping Photographers Control Their Images

Image Protect ICO – Helping Photographers Control Their Images

Blogs. Digital Ads. Facebook Campaigns. Your favorite magazine.

Photographers often make the content come alive – they convey the emotion and images behind great stories.

The challenge is, when large Fortune 500 companies steal, use, and make hundred’s of thousands of dollars from marketing campaigns – but don’t pay a $200 photo fee – it leaves the creatives, the content creators with nothing.

But there’s a problem. If you’ve ever created content and uploaded it to the web, you know that it’s hard to figure out who’s using it.

That Facebook photo you’ve saved? Yup, at one point Facebook could have used it for ads – making money from your picture perfect selfie. Better yet, a large company could have taken it and used it to promote their own products.

Scenic shots, perfect photos of business meetings, product shots of iPhones and tablets and more – are more often than not, are taken and used without permission.

And yes, as a blogger or content creator sure it would be next to impossible to work on your craft if you’re forced to pay $200 per photo.

But you would be shocked to know that large Fortune 500 companies, worth billions of dollars — also copy, steal and use photos for large digital and print campaigns without paying for them.

This is where Image Protect jumps in.

Join me Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I chat with Matthew and Jonathan (CEO and Founders) from Image Protect and find out why they’re using the blockchain to help small content creators thrive, photographers earn more money – and give large companies the picture marketplace they seek.

In Part 1 of the episode we cover:

  • why 97% of the industry simply takes photos without paying, and how Matthew and Jonathan have figured out how to help Photographers leverage this situation
  • why they want to help small content creators create better content
  • how photographers can leverage, track, and find out who the big infringers are
  • how they met and their experience in the industry (this goes deeper, and is typically a Part 2 Question)
  • how 2% of the industry is worth $100s of millions of dollars
  • and much much more…

In Part 2 of the interview we cover:

  • what type of blockchain structure they’ve used to build their product
  • how many images are currently in their database
  • how, as a publicly traded company, they’ve already established a revenue generating business
  • where they are in their product development
  • and much much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!

If you want to check out Part 2 of the interview you can sign-up to become a member, just click here.


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