Hut 8 – Publicly Traded Bitcoin Mining for Investors

Hut 8 – Publicly Traded Bitcoin Mining for Investors

If you’ve never personally taken a look at operating a Bitcoin mining, or alt-coin mining setup it’s probably for good reason.

Both can be difficult. Alt-coin mining especially. As a quick side note, I run my own rigs and have had to spend countless hours solving integration problems, fixing failed GPUs, dealing with electricity challenges and a host of other problems.

Granted, Bitcoin mining is far more straightforward – but it’s not without it’s own set of challenges.

It’s one of the reasons why most people tend not to venture down this path. Once you start to factor in electricity costs, capital expenditure for each machine, difficulty of the network and more, you start to realize that, unless you got in the mining game early – it’s probably simply better to buy the cryptocurrency you’re thinking about mining.

This is where publicly traded Hut 8 comes into play.

Recognizing that there was a) a need in the market to mine Bitcoin, and b) a need in the market for retail investors to invest in Bitcoin – Andrew Kiguel (CEO and Founder) started Hut 8 as a way for investors to purchase Bitcoin on a publicly traded market.

In this quick interview we cover:

  • Andrew’s history and why he started Hut 8
  • Where he believes the future of mining is going
  • Lessons learned building a publicly traded blockchain company
  • and more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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