Food, Pharma & Blockchain With Smart Containers ICO

Food, Pharma & Blockchain With Smart Containers ICO

Sometimes the least “sexy” markets have the most potential. Yes, revolutionizing a blockchain, gaming, real estate and more get great attention – but I find we sometimes overlook the underlying systems that run our world. This, is often where great opportunity can be found.

Let’s take shipping as an example. As someone who owns growing e-commerce businesses, I understand the very real need, and very real pain – of shipping products around the world.

The couch that I’m sitting on, the computer that I’m typing with, the earphones that are playing my music – were all shipped globally through a system of highly interconnected (and outdated) logistics systems.

This is where Smart Containers takes aim with their blockchain solution.

Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I talk with Richard Ettl from Smart Containers. As Co-Founder and CEO Richard shares his insights from working in the logistics industry – and successfully building his business to pivoting to a more advanced blockchain solution.

In Part 1 of the interview we cover:

  • How and why Smart Containers pivoted to the blockchain
  • Why their patented technology has already (and continues) to disrupt cold-chain in the logistics industry
  • Where and how they’re planning on advancing their blockchain systems
  • The partnerships they currently have and are building
  • Roadmap and tactics for growing their user base
  • and more…

In Part 2 of the interview we cover:

  • Why they decided to do a securitized token and what that means
  • Why last mile shipping is the most difficult – and what they’ve developed to tackle this problem
  • How standards like ISO-9001 impact the logistics industry – and why their standards adherence is leading to more partners
  • How the underlying partnerships allows Smart Containers to not worry about freight forwarders canceling contracts
  • What Smart Containers can do with the ICO resources they’ve raised, and what the next capital stages will be
  • and more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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