Book, stay and own multiple vacation homes with Crowdvilla

Book, stay and own multiple vacation homes with Crowdvilla

Here I’m joined by Darvin Kurniawan from Crowdvilla – a real estate backed utility token for vacation rentals / stays. The idea is like AirBnB – for your travel homes. Only this time you own a piece of the real estate.

We dive into some of the problems of AirBnb from Darvin’s perspective, challenges with centralized sharing economies – and how he and the team want to try and solve that. Micro-sharing economy is one of the terms he uses to describe their decentralized process.

In Part 1 – we cover my standard questions and areas. Darvin jumps into some of the “hey, why not just use xyz company” from the Crowdvilla perspective. This part of the interview runs about 40min.

In Part 2 (members only) – we dive into my questions from reading the whitepaper. This part of the interview also runs about 40min.  Here are some of the questions I wanted to know:

  • Who owns the underlying property?
  • What does the 20% allocation for the team go to?
  • How does Crowdvilla navigate around the rental restrictions in various countries? (that AirBnB has to navigate around)
  • How does “low risk of being classified as a security” work if there’s an underlying asset that people own?
  • What about upkeep?
  • And many more…

Hope you enjoy the episode.

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