Blocpal International – Payments via Blockchain

Blocpal International – Payments via Blockchain

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Blockchain technology is growing at exponential levels.

While many blockchains are being developed, many DApps being explored, there are still many challenges that the industry is looking to overcome.

One of the main challenges is real world use on a massive scale. And while Bitcoin and other crypto’s aim to be “digital currency”, the reality of the situation is the system is not currently structured to allow you to spend your crypto.

Blokpal International wants to help change that.

They want help connect merchants to a platform that allows you to spend your crypto with them – just as you would any other Fiat currency.

In this quick chat with Blockpal International’s  (yes, we’re scheduled for a much deeper discussion) we cover:

  • popularity of blockchain based technology
  • how merchants can attract new customers
  • spending and consuming with crypto and fiat

Hope you enjoy the overview!

PS – For some reason, at the time of writing this post, their website is not working.

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