Monetizr – Blockchain Based Mobile Rewards For Developers & Gamers

Monetizr – Blockchain Based Mobile Rewards For Developers & Gamers

At over $110-Billion dollars – the mobile video game industry represents a very large and profitable market. Add to this insanely high engagement rates and a complete absorption of your attention for the duration of play – and you have an environment that many businesses would kill for.

While Apple crosses the trillion-dollar mark, there are complaints, suggestions, and debates that much of their profitability on the services side does not have any correlation to services at all. Instead, it has been suggested – that much of the revenue from services comes from, you guessed it, video games.

With blockbuster games like God of War requiring expensive systems and a full-commitment of your time to play, the opening for fast-action, short-game-play, quick-hit games has opened a massive market.

Switch, 3DS, PlayStation Vita – all have their place in the hand-held console market – but with limited game selection, console game lock-in, and graphics that are only slightly better than the latest smartphones – it’s no wonder the mobile gaming industry has exploded.

The challenge is, with restrictions on the iTunes store and Google Play store, creating engaging games that also drive revenue is difficult for many game developers.

Add to this that, short from starting a Twitch stream or YouTube channel, game players never get compensated for playing games – and you have an environment that’s ripe for innovation.

This, is where Monitizr enters the picture.

Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I chat with Co-Founder Reinis from Monitizr – a platform that allows game developers to integrate blockchain-based payment-systems directly into their games – AND – allows game players to earn tokens by playing.

In Part 1 of the Episode we cover:

  • where the idea came from, and why Techstars was so interested in the project
  • how they integrate into games without disrupting the gameplay
  • why now is a perfect time to offer mobile monetization for developers and players
  • where their project is going in the future
  • and much much more…

In Part 2 of the Episode we get into even more detail, and dive into:

  • what happens if Google or iTunes changes their regulations (they did between our interview and the posting of this video, so Reinis’ answer will explain exactly the moves they’ve planed to take)
  • how developers can leverage the platform
  • what gamers get for playing, and how inter-game-operability grows the ecosystem
  • the insights behind engagement, growth, and open rates
  • and much much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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