Asset Backed Blockchain ICO’s – Naked Technologies

Asset Backed Blockchain ICO’s – Naked Technologies

In this episode join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I talk with Marco Robinson about Naked Technologies. As an entrepreneur he’s started a number of different projects in the space (and has a number of projects outside of the blockchain space).

Here we talk about how and why he’s trying to merge the two – off chain and on-chain business that have real world application.

In Part 1 of the interview we cover the standard questions, and Marco explains:

  • More about the industry from his perspective
  • How his business skills from Real Estate translate into the blockchain world
  • The team that he’s built and why it matters
  • The other ICO’s that he’s already successfully completed
  • Some of the challenges that his team has overcome
  • Where he thinks things are going

In Part 2 of the interview I ask a number of difficult questions and get into some of the details about the project(s) that he’s launched. Here we cover:

  • Government regulations and his perspective on how the industry will evolve
  • We talk about traction on his initial products, and how he plans on moving things forward with new projects
  • Why he believes ICO’s are the future of entrepreneurial growth
  • But, at the same time, why he believes 95% of ICO’s will dissapear
  • The details behind his growth plans
  • Who he goes to for advice – and how he looks for advisors
  • and more…

Again, video in the second part of this interview get’s a little choppy – I apologize. The videos that were recorded with poor video quality were all done on the same day. But the content is good – and the audio is crisp.

Hope you enjoy the interview.


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