Approaching Logistics From a Software Perspective with Cargo Coin

Approaching Logistics From a Software Perspective with Cargo Coin

Here’s a different perspective on the shipping and logistics industry.

Shipping and logistics is a hard and antiquated business. Paper, physical document transfers via courier, photocopies, phone calls. From what a number of people in the industry have said, the industry just moved towards email in the last few years.

Needless to say it’s a slow moving industry, much like those massive Ocean Freighters that cross the world.

This makes it ripe for opportunity from a variety of different angles. If you haven’t seen the episode with Smart Containers – you should take a look:
– as they’re approaching the exact same industry, but from a completely different angle – the hardware side of things.

What Cargo Coin is looking to do – is tackle the hard document components first. They’ve come at things from a software perspective – aiming to solve document transfers, tracking, checkpoints and more – all via the blockchain.

Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I chat with Bogomil Alexandrov, Founder and CEO of CargoCoin.

In Part 1 of the Interview we cover the standard questions – although Bogomil dives in and directly answers a couple of my questions for Part 2.

We cover:

  • why the shipping industry is ripe for software disruption
  • the most challenging part about tackling an antiquated industry
  • how and why blockchain based software needs to be broken up to be adopted here
  • how the shipping industry will progress with different solutions available
  • why Bogomil and his partner are taking charge in this industry
  • and much much more…

In Part 2 of the Interview I dive a little deeper. Owning my own eCommerce companies, dealing with the logistics industry, and having read the white paper – I wanted to know more. We cover:

  • shipping areas they’re directly targeting to start and why you can’t target the entire world to start
  • partnerships in more depth (like IBM)
  • why the LOC (Letter of Credit) is so critical in the logistics industry – and why they’re looking to remove it with a blockchain solution first
  • how they plan to overcome potential outside influence
  • the development schedule (and why you won’t find anything on github just yet)
  • when the initial launch is coming
  • and much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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