App development & Wall St. Experience translated to the Blockchain – Xsolus with Eric & Ryan

App development & Wall St. Experience translated to the Blockchain – Xsolus with Eric & Ryan

In this episode I’m joined by Eric & Ryan from Xsolus.

With a background in services and product development – app design, software development services etc. Xsolus has moved to developing an ecosystem of services and products for existing customers and new potential customers. Here’s what they’re looking to do from a high level.

  • Build an ecosystem of within the blockchain space
  • Offer blockchain services for current and potential customers
  • Build a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Create a wallet to manage cryptocurrency
  • Develop a blockchain based cryptocurrency payment solution for partners
  • Leverage their skills and experience in software development to further enhance their incubator

It’s a lot, but from what we dive into, has been phased in with pieces.

In Part 1 – we cover the standard questions. Eric and Ryan explain why they’ve moved from strictly software and app development offerings to blockchain offerings. They come at things from a technical perspective – which is interesting when we talk about timing, team and traction.

In Part 2 (members only) – we cover my questions from reading the whitepaper and from our Part 1 discussion. As a non-technical guy with a base understanding of front-end web development I wanted to get into a few things that caught my attention. Here I ask questions such as:

  • What platform are you building your blockchain on? How does this work?
  • What is the exchange looking like – how far along is it?
  • What is the GTM (Go To Market) strategy for each of the pieces they’re trying to launch?
  • Is code released on Github? What is that frequency looking like?
  • What have been some of the challenges moving forward and how is the team adjusting?
  • and more…

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Quick overview of what Xsolus is trying to do – what are they trying to solve in the blockchain space [0:48]

Summary of the different aspects of what Xsolus is attempting to do in the blockchain space [1:40]

Why is now a good time for this blockchain project, compared to 1 year ago, or compared to waiting a year for more development to happen? [2:35]

What have been some of the most complex projects the team has had to work on / solve? [4:05]

What do you mean by “services” company in the blockchain / software space? Can you explain that? [5:45]

Summarizing the technical experience of “services” [6:53]

Eric & Ryan explain a little bit about their history / work experience [7:10]

How much development has gone into the project so far? [7:45]

When you refer to a problem (in the blockchain space) that you’re looking to solve, what do you mean specifically – and which comes first? Blockchain, exchange, wallet, etc.? [10:25]

How did you come to the realization that “this is a problem we want to solve”? [12:32]

Summarizing the step-by-step process that Xsolus is going to go through to solve the blockchain and cryptocurrency problems they’re looking to solve [15:08]

What is the token allocation for the ICO – and why did you break it down like that? [15:58]




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