A P2P, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange? Local Coin Swap With Val Natanelov

A P2P, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange? Local Coin Swap With Val Natanelov

Have you ever wanted to exchange coins with other cryptocurrency holders – without having to convert your holdings into Bitcoin or Ethereum? Tired of the fees associated with it, the time it takes and all the complexity?

In this episode I talk with Val (Valeri) Natanelov from Local Coin Swap. With most exchanges in the market being centralized, and only allowing fiat to cryptocurrency or crypto to crypto trades (with fees) it would seem that a local swap would make sense for the community.

Val, who also has a PhD in Commodities and Trading, talks about why this is important, and why they’re attempting to make cryptocurrency accessible to more people.

In Part 1 of the interview we cover the standard questions, but Val dives into his explanations quite well. We get into:

  • Why the timing for decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges are important now
  • We look at the trends the crypto market
  • How and why crypto cycles are getting faster and more impactful – and how they’re looking to leverage this
  • How and why Local Coin Swap is looking for community contribution in development, feedback and improvement
  • How much development and planning has gone into this
  • and more….

In Part 2 of the interview we go further, discussing

  • KYC and AML (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering) laws in various countries – and how they navigate this
  • How the technicals of the transaction actually work – escrow, legal, and final payment
  • How they protect transactions and customers
  • Conflict resolution when it comes to cryptocurrency trading
  • How do they really remove the barriers to entry for new users
  • How they plan to grow the company exponentially
  • and much much more…

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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