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Panel Discussion with IBM, Aion, and Digital Bits – How Blockchain Tackles the Future

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This is a blockchain technology panel discussion with leaders and founders from Kessem from Aion, Al from Digital Bits, and Catherine from IBM. Aion – is one of the top 50 coins on Coin Market Cap, and has built their own blockchain technology Digital Bits – is looking to leverage the blockchain for loyalty rewards […]

Love Only ICO – Blockchain and the Diamond Industry

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It’s an industry that we’ve heard about, and that have become popularized via movies like “Blood Diamond”. And while the diamond industry is a thriving industry, heavily associated with a clever marketing campaign about a “diamond being forever” – the industry lacks transparency. Transparency that the blockchain may be able to deliver. For example – […]

Pinmo – Quick Chat, Advertising Direct to Consumers

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The rise of social. The importance of the attention economy. The rise of ad-blockers, often built into the very browsers you use. Blockchain of course – aims to change all of this. User data is at the heart of many conversations right now. Facebook as an example, knows that your user data is very very […]

FA Enterprises – With Fast Access Blockchain

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This is a quick chat with the CEO from FA Enterprises. FA Enterprises is working on the Fast Access Blockchain. They’re taking their own spin on the blockchain scalability problem – a challenge that many new (and old) blockchains are doing. Ethereum is also working on this problem by the way – taking their own […]

VIS Chain – Auto Insurance via Blockchain

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Auto insurance. Claims date. Structured and non-structured data. If you’ve ever been in a car you know (or hope) that it’s insured. Most of the time we don’t think much further than that – but VIS Chain has identified a host of problems that can be solved with the blockchain. In the event of an […]

Elastos Foundation – Securing the Future of File Transfers?

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Look at the cryptocurrency industry, and you’ll find that most people want to create a decentralized future, secure internet future. Elastos wants to help do the same thing in a private and confidential way. The idea is not to just create another blockchain project, but to create a system by which anyone can send data […]

Huobi – a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange

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If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency exchange – there are over 100 different ones in the market. Each caters to slightly different demographics, and allows different trading pairs. Be it OTC trades, P2P trades, crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto – there are enough resources out there to help you connect with the cryptocurrencies you want. Huobi is, […]











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